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Welcome to The Senior Horse!

April 19, 2021

by Gail M. Staines, Ph.D.

Founder, The Senior Horse

If you have recently "joined" and are following The Senior Horse on FB -- WELCOME!! Over the next few weeks and months I will be adding much more information about taking care of, exercising, and simply enjoying our senior horses (horses 18+ years of age).

Please share and invite others who have an interest in senior horses to join and follow.

The Senior Horse is a place to share our collective knowledge, to ask questions, post stories, and celebrate older equines. It is a safe place to be a part of a worldwide community of senior equine enthusiasts.

Do not be shy about introducing yourself and your horses!

I am very excited about this new project unique to the horse world!

Warmest horsey regards,

Gail Staines,

Founder, The Senior Horse


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